Saturday, March 31, 2012

Progress (or lack of)

Since I started on the whole aquaponics deal I have done quite lot of research and I have built a fantastic system (in my mind). Unfortunately I have a number of other unrelated projects that I need to finish before I can start on my Aquaponics system. Hopefully I will have it up and running by September just in time for spring planting. I am also told that it is anout the time Perch fingerlings become available in this part of the world. Perch take about 2 years to get to plate size but unfortunately it is the only thing I can grow all year round. Other options include Trout and Barramundi. The problem is that summer is too hot for trout and winter is too cold for barra. I think when I get a bit more experienced I might try some trout in winter and Barramundi in summer.My little experimental system is coming along nicely. I have 4 small tomatoes on the plant with another 7 or at potential tomatoes (ie flowers)

I'not sure how this plant will continue because it as starting to get cooler the average temperature for March was a min of 10degC and a max of 22degC. We even had one night where it dropped down to 2degC.

Stay truned.


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